Lans Taylor, PhD (Scientific Advisor and Co-Founder of Cernostics)

Dr. Taylor is currently Director, University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute & Allegheny Foundation Professor of Computational and Systems Biology. As Director of the Drug Discovery Institute, he works with both academic and commercial collaborators to discover and develop efficacious and safe therapeutics based on the integration of outstanding science, technology and drug discovery/development methods.  Dr. Taylor is a co-founder and scientific advisor to Cernostics, starting the company based on the vision of applying systems biology approaches to fundamental tissue diagnostics and anatomic pathology.  Prior to founding Cernostics, Dr. Taylor founded multiple life science companies including Biological Detection Systems (acquired by Amersham), Cellomics (acquired by ThermoFisher), and Cellumen.  Dr. Taylor holds more than 25 U.S. patents, including six focused on cell-based imaging.  His academic career has included positions at Harvard University and Carnegie Mellon University, where he was awarded multiple accolades for his work including a NIH MERIT award from 1990-2000 and a Pioneer Award from the National Science Foundation.

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