Mike Hoerres Discusses Cernostics and Its Lead Product Under Development

The Pittsburgh Technology Council's Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting interview Mike Hoerres, CEO of Cernostics.... Read more

Barrett’s esophagus and the need for improved diagnostic and prognostic testing

Esophageal cancer (EC) is the fastest growing cancer by incidence in the United States, according to data published from the National Cancer Institute (Figure 1). The incidence of this once rare cancer has increased by more than 500% since the 1970s,... Read more

Cernostics gets $100,000 in funding

Uptown Pittsburgh-based Cernostics Inc. will receive $100,000 in funding to advance development of its lead product, which will help diagnose patients at risk for esophageal cancer.... Read more

Diagnostic developer with faster, more accurate esophageal cancer test nets follow-on funding

Esophageal cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in western countries and has one of the highest mortality rates among cancers. About 17,990 new cases are diagnosed in the United States each year, according to data from the American Cancer Soc... Read more

Pittsburgh life sciences company developing diagnostic test for esophageal cancer

Pittsburgh life sciences company Cernostics is on the forefront of a diagnostic test for the early detection of esophageal cancer.... Read more

A Brotherhood of Barrett's by Larry Seibert

Five of six brothers living with Barrett's Esophagus, four of which have been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer, and the limited quality of life that comes with this debilitating diagnosis.... Read more

My Husband's Battle with Esophageal Cancer by Jennifer Nunamaker

After a lifetime of struggling with what he thought was acid reflux and heartburn, 36-year-old Nate was diagnosed with and died from Esophageal Cancer (EC) within just six months.... Read more
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