Q&A with Cernostics CEO Mike Hoerres

A few quick questions with Mike Hoerres, CEO of Cernostics:   Q: When did you first become interested in molecular diagnostics? A: During high school (in Wisconsin) I was captivated by the idea that we can harness bacteria to become factories fo... Read more

Cancer is a System, Not a Cell – Why This Matters for Diagnostics
integrated cellular system

Many people view tumors as a homogenious mass of malignant cells that have hijacked our body's normal status to grow unchecked by our immune system.  In reality, tumors are an integrated system of interacting cell types, including malignant tum... Read more

My Husband's Battle with Esophageal Cancer by Jennifer Nunamaker

After a lifetime of struggling with what he thought was acid reflux and heartburn, 36-year-old Nate was diagnosed with and died from Esophageal Cancer (EC) within just six months.... Read more

A Brotherhood of Barrett's by Larry Seibert

Five of six brothers living with Barrett's Esophagus, four of which have been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer, and the limited quality of life that comes with this debilitating diagnosis.... Read more

Cancer Diagnostics from a New View

Cernostics is focused on next generation cancer diagnostics. Watch our video to learn about this unique approach.... Watch video

How to Improve Anatomic Pathology Testing

Anatomic pathology (AP) testing, the analysis of tissue through a light microscope by a pathologist is a fundamental tool of healthcare and diagnostic testing practiced by thousands of pathologists around the world. Anatomic pathology testing remains... Read more
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