Introducing the TissueCypher™ Platform

Cernostics is focused on delivering next generation cancer diagnostic and prognostic tests through a unique approach to tissue analysis




Most current diagnostic approaches offer a limited view of cancer, because they fail to evaluate the tumor as a system composed of multiple, interacting cell types, not merely tumor cells.  Cernostics' patented technology is based on a tissue systems biology approach to anatomic pathology, the discipline of evaluating tissues by a pathologist via light microscopy.  Cernostics's tissue systems biology approach simultaneously evaluates immune, stromal, stem cell and tumor biomarkers on a single slide, while preserving and evaluating tissue structure.


Cernostics' technology platform, called TissueCypher™, is a digital platform for multi-channel fluorescence whole slide imaging, and includes image reading, image segmentation, biomarker expression and tissue structure evaluation.


From a tissue section mounted on a single slide, the TissueCypher™ platform identifies:


  1. Tissue structure (morphology)
  2. Specific cell types within the tissue such as immune, epithelial, and stromal cell types
  3. Biomarker intensity and co-expression patterns
  4. Spatial relationships, including distributions and gradients of biomarker expression within tissue structures and cell types


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